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Upper New York Conference of the UMC


This ministry team is responsible for maintaining all church property, assessing maintenance related work, obtaining quotes, hiring outside contractors and finding people within the church who are able and willing to complete various tasks.   The Trustee Team also organizes two annual work days – one in the spring, one in the fall.  Each team member is assigned to oversee the church building, parsonage, apartments or garages.

The trustees recently overseen the parsonage improvements - including new windows!  Plus, the apartments have been renovated to a beautiful standard - and are both fully occupied.

This ministry team holds a great deal of responsibility within the faith community, as the stewards of the properties.    We are indebted to their efforts.  To be a part of this team, you must be voted on by our annual meeting, called a Charge Conference. 

If you have an interest in putting your talents to good use for the Lord in this way, please contact the Pastor or Trustee chair,  through the church office at 315-331-3895.