Worship elements:  In addition to clergy and laity working side by side in the reading of scritpure, prayer and message, we draw closer to the Lord through our beautiful music ministry.

          Our paid staff leads a devoted volunteer ministry to offer choral and bell choir (adults and children!) music to enhance the worship experience.

          There are always opportunities for soloist, instrumentalists and visiting musicians to be welcomed to add to our fellowship of musical folks sharing the joy of music to honor and glorify God. 

Welcome to Worship!

Welcome to worship at Newark First UMC!

 We join  together each week to honor and praise God by the power of the Holy Spirit through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Our current prayer is to have 150 people attend our worship services on Sunday.
One-Five-0 for Jesus!

 Our main sanctuary is 200 years old, gorgeous wooden pews and paneling that have been present to thousands of prayers, rituals,  hymns, stories, scripture and sermons.  Stained glass windows are stunning and recently restored to last another 100 years so that the beauty of our faith can be seen through visual art and meditated upon when in the sacred space.

 Our beautiful pipe organ was also recently restored and its music fills the air as honors the Lord.

           We have made modern improvements over the years to suit contemporary worship styles.  We have added a sound system that includes ALS to aid those with hearing impairment and new monitors as visual aids with lyrics and prayers, along with images and videos to enhance the telling of the gospel stories. 

           Please join us for sanctuary worship at 10:00 AM each Sunday morning.  You will be welcomed with a hearty Christian reception and a gift in the hopes that this is the church home you have been seeking. 
          If you prefer an intimate worship setting we offer an *8:00 AM service in the chapel, with prayer, hymns, and sermon. 

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